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Lost your travellers cheques ?
Don't panic -- follow instructions :
1. File an F.I.R. at the nearest Police Station giving details with T.C. Nos of those lost. Obtain a copy with F.I.R. No.
2. Immediately call the concerned Bank; Travellers Cheques of which you were holding i.e. American Express, Thomas Cook, VISA etc. All these Banks have 24 hrs. emergency help line.
3. When you call remember to give them the details : a) F.I.R. No. b) Nos. of lost T.C's.
4. Obtain Reference Nos. of your reporting from Bank alongwith name of the concerned officer and find out which dealer shall replace the lost T.Cs.
5. Contact the said Dealer, give them the Reference No. quoted by Bank and collect your T.C's.


American Express : New Delhi : 24 hours (011) 6145151, 6143301
Thomas Cook : New Delhi :(011) 3747414, 
MUMBAI : (022) 2871068,2048556


Lost Passport

Follow instructions :
1. File an F.I.R. at the nearest Police Station.
2. Obtain a copy of F.I.R.
3. Contact your embassy in Delhi/Bombay for re-issuance of Pass Port.

Embassies Address


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