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Quite a few diseases are transmitted by unhygienic food or contaminated water like diarrhoea, hepatitis, stomach-upset, food poisoning, etc. Food & beverage precautions are important. Be careful in what you eat & drink to avoid health risks.
- Avoid eating from a street vendor.
- Consume only boiled or bottled water.
- Ice may not be safe, as freezing does not kill bacteria or parasites.
- Eat well-cooked meals.
- Avoid eating raw or uncooked vegetables, boiled & fried vegetables are acceptable.
- Cold sausages, pickled, salt preserved or dried meat, uncooked fish or shelfiser etc. are a common source of infection.
- Avoid cold dishes with eggs, dairy products, custards, mayonnaise etc.
- If possible drink & eat only canned or condensed food products.


Diarrhea is the most common problem among foreign travellers. Travellers Diarrhoea (TD) is caused by a number of bacteria, viruses of parasites, transmitted by contaminated food of water. Food & water precautions are essential.

HAV or the symptomatic Hepatities A virus is the most frequently occurring infection in travellers and may be prevented by immunization.

Contaminated food & drinks the major cause of Hepatits, so one should be careful in what he should eat or drink Travellers age always at risk for HAV in areas with poor sanitation & hygiene.

Typhoid is generally spread via food & water contaminated with fecal matter from an infected human carrier. Typhoid is a bacterial infection of the digestive tract caused by salmonella typhi. It is often transmitted by person to person contact, especially through food handles.


Cholera is a bacterial infection that may cause severe diarrhoea, dehydration & even death.

Food & drink precautions & personal protective measures can avoid risk of cholera. Cholera vaccine is available but is not very effective and moreover side-effects of such vaccines are common.


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