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When hospitalized

Hospital/Nursing home ward, nursing, boarding, Intensive care, surgon, anaesthetist, medical practitioner, consultant specialist fees, anesthesia, blood, surgical equipments, medicines, X-ray or diagnosis, etc., Dialysis, comotherapy, Radiotherapy, artificial limb and other expenditure.

Medical Treatment at home
For patients with serious ailments or diseases who need to be hospitalized but due to any of the following circumstances they are treated at home :-
- It is not possible to take the patient to any hospital or nursing home due to of his serious condition 
- There are no vacant ward to admit the patient in the hospital/nursing home.

Under this, facilities for treatment at home will not be provided for some diseases.


- There should be a minimum of 15 beds for the patients in the hospital / nursing home.
- Hospitalization expenditure for a duration of minimum 24 hours will be accepted.
- Expenditure before & after hospitalization for hospitalized patients is also due.
- Under this policy, all medical, surgical treatment & therepy should be conducted in India only & the payment of all acceptable claims will be made in Indian currency.
- The policy should be renewed before its expiry date to obtain accumulated bonus.
- The Insurance Company should be intimated within 7 days.


- For a period of 30 days starting from the date of the Policy, any kind of treatment expenditure, except in case of accident, will not be due.
- During the first year of the policy any expenditure for cataract, hypertrophy,..............................treatment will not be due.
- For diseases which were there at the time of policy.
- Cost of spectacles, contact lenses or hearing aid.
- Weakness, impotency, sexual problems, any ailment from the time of birth, suicidal acts or intake of intoxicants.
- Any kind of dental of dental treatment or theraphy untill & unless the patient is required to be hospitalized.
- Natural therapy.

Special Attraction

- 100% Income Tax facility. If you avail this mediclaim, given premium of upto Rs. 10,000/- will be reduced from your taxable income under income tax enactment act 80 D.
- Age-group :
This insurance policy can be availed by any person of age between 3 months - 80 years.
- Family Discount:
10% discount will be given on total premium for insurance of family by an insured person.
- Accumulated Bonus

Insurance should be claimed with documents:

Alongwith the claim form, following documents are also necessary -- Hospital Bill, receipt, discharge certificate, test reports, doctor's prescriptions & suggestions, bill & other related documents.

.....its therefore you in the most difficult hour when the question of expensive medical treatment arises......mediclaim is the answer.

Under the new mediclaim policy, for any treatment or surgical expenditure, compensation upto Rs. 5,00,000/- is granted. By paying annual premium under this policy you can meet any expenditure of hospitalization, intensive care, operation or other related expenditure.


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