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Blood Donor Forum Listing

Blood donation can save a life ! It is the greatest service to humanity. We can donate this blood to save somebody’s endangered life and bring a smile on many faces !

Blood Donator :
Any healthy person can donate blood if :
- His age is between 18 to 60 years
- He weighs 48 Kg. or more
- The hemoglobin content of his blood is more than 12.5

He is not affected with AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Malaria or Tuberalosis.

Important :

A person can resume work almost immediately after blood donation.

- Blood donation takes only 5-10 minutes.

The equipments used for blood donation are free of germs and there is no danger of infection.


Only 350 ml blood is taken out from the body in blood donation, which is only 1/15th part.


Our body can cover the loss of the fluid within 24 hours and normal hemoglobin level is recovered in 2-2.5 months.

- A person can donate blood again after 3 months

Blood is first tested for safety by blood bank for AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Malaria and other dangerous & infectitious diseases.

Blood Donation Services :

Blood can be donated in any licensed Blood Bank. Almost all district hospitals have blood bank facilities. There are 6 private blood banks also in the state.


Blood can be preserved in Blood Bank refrigerator at 2 C – 6 C for 5 weeks.


Blood can also be donated in recognized Blood Donation Camps.

Benefit For Blood Donor :
The blood donator is also benefited by blood donation as some quantity of cholesterol also leaves the body along with the blood. Thus, blood donation helps in reducing cholesterol level. It is good for obese people to donate blood every 3 months. There are less chances of cardiac problems in people who donate blood regularly.

Component Therapy :
Component therapy has emerged as a new concept in medical field. In this, a unit of blood is decomposed into its constituents and only that component is supplied to the patient which he needs. As such a number of patients can be treated with the same unit of blood.

Rare Blood Group Forum :
Jaipursearch.com offers you a facility to enroll in its “rare blood group forum”. By becoming a member you could be available to help and help could be made available to you should  there be a need. Incase of an accident or any other emergencies when the vital fluid of a rare blood group is required to save an endangered life reach out for our forum.

Enroll today.


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