Rajasthan - The state with a rich culture, known for its sand , forts, palaces and beautiful cities. The crowning glowry of the state is the Pink City-Jaipur. Jaipur is famous for its forts, palaces, gardens and rich culture. In the heart of Jaipur is the beautiful Ram Niwas Garden, also home to the Kiran Cafe - one of the oldest and reputed eateries in Jaipur. 

The Kiran Cafe was started in the year 1976 by Lt. Sh.Prithvisingh with the aim to serve the people with a variety of delicious food.It began with a small outlet for kulfi which is even today the speciality of kiran cafe. gradually as the place began to attract masses the small kiran cafe turned into kiran cafe restaurant with a seating capacity for 150 people.

Known for the special kulfi and Kiran Rabri with which it started its business, kiran cafe is frequented by ice cream lovers.The kulfi is made of delicious "Rabri" (skimmed milk), "Mewa" (dry fruits), "Elaichi" (cardamon)," Kesar" (saffron) and "Pista" (pistachio) which adds to its flavour.