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 Gems Therapy...

Ayurvedic Gemstone Properties:
Using Ayurvedic toothpaste gets teeth and gums to be healthier than they ever were when using conventional brands of toothpaste.

Using oil before showers occasionally really helps skin. The foods also have great results. 

Uses of Gems: 
For healing: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Pearl 
To experience subtle effects of energy: Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby 
To attract creativity: Bloodstone, Pearl 
For receptivity: Agate, Beryl 
(use Citrine or Cape Amethyst) 
To provide general protection: a Beryl, Lapis Linquis 
( use Sodalight or Mother of Pearl) 
For protection against cold: Carbon Steel 
For protection against anger: Pearl, Opal 

Ayurvedic Birthstone chart:
January: Garnet 
February: Amethyst 
March: Bloodstone 
April: Diamond 
May: Agate 
June: Pearl 
July: Ruby 
August: Sapphire 
September: Moonstone 
October: Opal 
November: Topaz 
December: Ruby 
Traditional, Modern, and Mystical Birthstones 


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