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Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals:

Amazonite: Improves self worth. 

Amber: Lift heaviness. Amber is great at lifting the heaviness of burdens -- allowing happiness to come through. 

Amethyst: Spiritual Upliftment. This is also the present carrier of the purple color ray. Wear a short necklace of this when you need to communicate effectively. Place this on your stomach/liver for stomach problems. 

Apatite: Communication. It is helpful in effective communication and for fighting viruses. 

Aquamarine: Reminds one of the ocean of love and mercy. It can help one understand difficult situations from a love-filled viewpoint. Aquamarine or rose quartz is recommend for those who are experiencing a lot of grief. 
Blue Aventurine: Circulation. Makes you happy. Use this to help clear congestion.

Black Obsidian: Grounding stone. This is a very strong stone. I use it sparingly. 

Black Onyx: Helps one to change bad habits. This is great when used in a necklace. It helps people notice their chakras when placed on each chakra. (This can be done one chakra at a time.) It is a great grounding stone. 

Black Opal: See self as Soul.
This stone is great for helping one see the possibilities of how one can be all they can be. This stone seems to strengthen bones too.
Cape Amethyst: Inner alignment. This seems to balance the inner bodies (emotional, spiritual, etc.) as well as provide more energy. Also good for arthritis - wrap strands of cape amethyst around aching joint. 

Carnelian: Balance creativity and mental processes. This works best with natural carnelian (bright orange). Wash carnelian under water after wearing it. Carnelian is the carrier of the orange ray. 

Citrine: Upliftment. Citrine encourages the yellow ray to support the body. This stone also helps one process energy work. 

Coral: Emotional Foundation. Coral protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation. 

Diamond: Increase personal clarity as well as offers many healing properties. 

Emerald: Physical and emotional healing. This is the strongest physical healing gemstone perhaps. Place it on the area which needs healing or wear it around your neck. Emerald is the carrier of the green ray. 

Fresh Water Pearl: Enable one to accept love. See the good parts of oneself so you can love yourself and others more. 

Frosted Quartz: Balance. Wear it around your neck it is wonderfully soothing.  


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