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This ceremony is the most sacred event towards committing the marriage. The bride and groom first offer flaked rice, which is given to them by the bride's brother to the Agni for God's blessings. The bride and groom then circle around the Agni seven times exchanging sacred vows specific to each circle. The seven circles represent prosperity, Strength, Wealth, Happiness, and Progeny. Nature's bounty. Companionship in that order. Midway through the walk, the bride and groom change leads signifying their equality.

The Sacred Seven Steps

First Step

''My Beloved, Our love became firm by your walking one step with me. You will offer me the food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide for welfare and happiness of you and our children.''


"This is my humble submission to you my lord. You kindly give me the responsibility of the home, food and taking care of the finance. I promise you that I shall discharge all the responsibilities for welfare of the family and children.''

Second Step

"My Beloved, now you have walked two steps with me. Fill my heart with strength and courage and together we shall protect the household and our children.''

"My Lord, in your grief I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your happiness, I shall rejoice, I promise you that I will please you always with sweet words and take care of the family and children.''

Third Step

"My Beloved, now you have walked three steps with me. By virtue of this, our wealth and prosperity is going to grow. I shall look upon all other women as my sisters. Together, we will educate our children and may they live long.''

"My Lord, I will love you with single-minded devotion as my husband. I will treat all other men as my brothers. My devotion to you is of achaste wife and you are my joy. This is my Commitment and my pledge to you.''

Fourth Step

''My Beloved, It is a great blessing that you have walked four steps with me. You have brought auspiciousness and sacredness in to my life. May we be blessed with obedient and noble children. May they live long.''

''My Lord, I will decorate you from feet to your head with flowers, garlands and ornaments and anoint you with sandal wood paste and fragrance. I will serve you and please you in every way I can.''

Fifth Step

''My Beloved, now you have walked five steps with me. You have enriched my life. May god bless you. May our loved ones live long and share in our prosperity.''

''My Lord, I share both in your joys and sorrows. Your love will make me trust and honor you. I will carry out your wishes.''

Sixth Step

''My Beloved, you have filled my heart with happiness by walking six steps with me. May you be filled with peace for all time.''

"My Lord, in all acts of righteousness, in every form of enjoyment and divine acts, I promise you I shall participate and I shall always be with you.''

Seventh Step

''My Beloved, as you walked the seven steps with me, our love and friendship became eternal. We experienced spiritual union in God. Now you have become completely mine and I offer my life to you.''

''My Lord, as God and the Holy Scriptures, I have become your spouse. Whatever promises we gave, we have spoken in pure mind. We will be truthful to each other in all things. We will love each other forever."

Mangalsutra and Sindoor Dharan
The marriage is now complete. At this time the wife sits on the left side of her Husband, signifying that she will always be close to his heart. The groom then places the mangalsutra (Sacred necklace) around her neck & places sindoor on her hair as a symbol of their union.

While invoking the goodwill of god, the priest asks the family and friends to join him to recite a hymn to wish the couple good luck, prosperity, and long life. Thus blessing the married couple.

This is a touching and emotional farewell to the bride. The ceremony signifies the departure of the bride from the parents' house.


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