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Chheda Bandhan
(The Holy Knot)

One end of white cloth (purity) is tied to the bride's saree and the other end left loose over the groom's shoulder. The Varmala (sacred thread) is then placed around the couple in a fragile bond. At this stage, the bond can easily break if the couple does not become one in "Achaar" behavior; "Vichaar" thought and "Sharir" body.

Mangalasthak Navdev & Yantra Poojans

The priest invokes deities by reciting mantras to solemnize this wedding auspiciously.

Kanya Daan

The bride's parents invoke the divine presence & formally give their daughter's hand in marriage to the groom. The groom formally accepts and then promises to treat the bride as his equal with love and respect.


The priest ties a knot to bind the bride & groom for life. During the ceremony oblations are made to ask for God's blessings in the form of a "Hawan". Samagree (crushed sandalwood, herb's) Camphor. Samidha (twigs) and Ghee (clarified butter) are offered to the Agnikunda (the ceremonial fire). Agni is a holy symbol of light and power and is sign of God's witness to the wedding.

Siddh Pooja
A special pooja to pay our deepest devotion to the Supreme power.

Hasta Milaap (Joining the hands)

The "Kanya" and the 'Var-raja" join hands to declare their acceptance of each other to all those present. They invoke the blessings of all assembled and pray that they may be like the waters which join together and become one and that there love may remain constant and strong. The ends of the clothes worn by the couple are then tied together with betel nuts, copper, coins and rice signifying unity, prosperity and happiness. The holy and fragile knot is thus made permanent. The wedding is solemnized before "Agni" which is the symbol of Light, Power, Purity and the Divine will as the principal witness of the ceremony.


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